Xiaomi's 65" Mi Wallpaper TV

roblems look mighty small from 150 miles up

Posted by Admin on May 20, 2019

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV with a 65-inch Super Thin Wallpaper style design

LG’s Wallpaper TV seems to have a new competitor in town as Xiaomi has just unveiled its premium Mi Mural TV with a beautiful 65-inch custom Samsung display panel. The highlight of the new TV model is its super thin form factor that sticks to the wall like a painting. True to its design, Xiaomi is also offering a bunch of artworks in 22 genres and from 45 artists to be showcased on its new TV.

This Mi TV is also in line with the company’s recent AIOT initiative and in this regard transforms into a smart home control center. So, you can remotely view and control all of your smart home connected devices on the large screen with ease. Further, the TV is basically a XiaoAI assistant as well and comes with far-field voice recognition support. This enables almost all of the features of the XiaoAi assistant like asking questions, controlling smart home features etc, with just voice commands. Finally, Xiaomi has teamed up with Tencent Cloud for making and receiving video calls through the TV on its large screen.